Audience Testimonials

enjoyed the show last night at Pitzers.

Ralph and Kathie
Jeanette PA

Just had to let you know how much fun we had last night at your show!!...  All of you were just fantastic!
Pittsburgh PA

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing your Tour to the Tri-Cities! Wow... you guys (my term "guys" is generic and includes the woman) are TERRIFIC!! Loved it! Haven't laughed so hard or so much in years! It was a pleasure to get to thank each of you personally, after the performance. Please come back every year!
Marilyn DeVine
Kennewick WA

Saw them in person, they really are as good as their demo video claims.  Very funny, very smart humor.  Jimmy Brogan really works the crowd.  All the sets were great!  Best money I've spent on a show since I saw a 4hr Rush concert years ago.
Garrett Sullivan
Burlington VT

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