The Cadillac Ball
Lake Tahoe CA

Dear Jimmy,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cathy, Brad and you for making our 29th annual Cadillac Ball the best ever!  You added laughter and fun to our evening and we could not have asked for more.

I received calls and e-mails from many of the attendees with words like “hilarious”, “superb”, “amazing” and “priceless”.   At our past events there was always a contingent of attendees who were “preoccupied” during the entertainment.   It was obvious that the three of you grabbed the entire audience and didn't let go until you finished - 60 minutes later!   From my perspective, the Masters of Standup are great individually, but as a team you “rock”!   Cathy Ladman set the tone by pointing out how funny real life can be.  Then your unmatched ability to engage and interact with the audience to bring out their humorous side followed Brad’s dynamic energy had us wishing it would never end. 

As you know, this event is our largest fundraiser.  Thank you for helping to make it extremely successful.  As a team or individually, I can highly recommend you to anyone seeking high quality, professional entertainment that is guaranteed to be a definite hit.
Neil P. Cunningham

Masters of Standup Comedy Tour

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